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No Shade Grey-scale logo in .gif format                                                                 No Shade Grey-scale logo in .eps format        

Grey-scale logo in .gif format                                                                                   Grey-scale logo in .eps format


Black and white logo in .gif format                                                                          Black and white logo in .eps format


Color(2) logo in .gif format                                                                                       Color(2) logo in .eps format


Color(3) logo in .gif format                                                                                       Color(3) logo in .eps format


No Shade Color(3) logo in .gif format                                                                      No Shade Color(3) logo in .eps format


                                                                                                                               Valentines Logo in .jpg format


10 Years of Success logo in .gif format                                                                    10 Years of Success logo in .eps format


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--GIF files will work best for the web.  There are 2 sizes provided in the Passion Parties logo library.


--EPS files won't work on the Web. All EPS files--which are commonly used in print layouts--must be converted to JPEGs or GIFs and then optimized for the best quality/size ratio possible.  (NOTE- Since these logo files are flat colors, a GIF will be a much smaller file size and download.  JPEGS are best for photos and gradients.)  If you need another size, download the EPS file and use Abobe Illustrator or Photoshop to scale it to size, then save as a GIF.   Sorry, you do need "special" software (standard web design software)

-- Microsoft Paint won't open the EPS file format.



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